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Information About Chipmunks

Chipmunks are a group or a branch of the rodent’s family and are very much confused with the squirrels and in particular the red squirrels. They are very small, just as the same size as the red squirrels and therefore, it is not a strange thing to find people confusing the squirrel to the Los Angeles chipmunks. In essence, to be able to control the animals effectively, you have to know the kind of the animal that you are dealing with lest control might be a very difficult task.

Like I said earlier, California chipmunks are very easily confused with the red squirrels and therefore appearance might just a little bit dribble you. Therefore, you will have to be very apt at identifying the kind of animal you are dealing with, whether the squirrel (red) or the chipmunk. Do you know more about Chipmunks? Lets read the following details:
- Size; they are very small and just as the same size as the red squirrels and this is one factor that causes people to confuse between the two. Therefore, if you are looking into differentiating the Los Angeles chipmunk and the squirrel in terms of the size then you might be very mistaken.
- Color of the fur; chipmunks have a thick reddish fur. Also the squirrels have the same kind of appearance.
- Alignment of the teeth; the California chipmunks have four sharp incisors and flat teeth at the back to help them in the grinding process.
- Strips; chipmunks have a series of black and white strips running down their backs and this might be one way to differentiate between the two animals.
- Porch; Los Angeles chipmunks do have a porch used for storing of the gathered food.

Chipmunks are animals that will birth two times in a year. The litter can contain different chipmunks per breed and the minimum that you can get is two while the maximum number of the Los Angeles chipmunks per litter is eight chipmunks and therefore, this means that they will increase in population rapidly.

The squirrel’s counterpart will live in the trees and this forms the major habitat for the squirrels however the chipmunks are very different since they will live in the underground burrows and this is one of the major differences between the California chipmunks and the squirrels. They will burrow underground, under the walls, the logs and even the patios. What makes them special is the fact that their homes are very complex and they are portioned and each partition assigned a specific activity to be done in there.

Chipmunks will easily fall for the nuts and the berries and they are much like the squirrels. They are also attracted to different seed. However, this will not leave them confined to only those types of food; there are also other foods that the Los Angeles chipmunks will eat.

When rearing their young ones, the California chipmunks will occasionally come together, in short, they are more solitary than the squirrels but during the birthing period they do come together. Also just like other rodents, they might be very destructive.

All those are the major facts that you will need to know about the Los Angeles chipmunk and therefore confusing them to the other counterpart should not be common or cause any alarm.

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