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Los Angeles Bee Removal

We remove hives of stinging insects, such as honey bees, wasps, hornets, & yellow jackets.  We remove the whole hive and relocate colonies of honey bees, which are dwindling in number.  We make sure to seal the opening into the house, if you've had a hive of stinging insects inside the walls of the building. We safely and permanently solve bee problems and have the proper equipment and licensing for stinging insect projects. As with our wildlife control work, we strive for the best in customer care, we listen to your problem over the phone and give you a fair price quote, and arrive on time and do professional work.  Many Los Angeles pest control companies don't do stinging insect and bee removal, but we specialize in it.  
We are also licensed LA Pest Control operators, and can handle a variety of insect problems.

For more information about our bee hive removal services, please see www.los-angeles-bee-removal.com.

Los Angeles Bee Control News Clip: Honey Bee Expert Allan

Honey Bee Expert Allan exterminated what appears to be a "hornet" of an Los Angeles yellow jacket last season, breaking the state record and vaulting to second place all-time among yellow jackets from anywhere on the planet. Here's how it happened. When you think of Midwest states renowned for producing record-class yellow jackets, more than one begins with the letter "I" - but Los Angeles isn't on the list. Unlike Los Angeles and Los Angeles, which both turn out great amounts of impressive stinging insect, Los Angeles has never been any closer than what appears to be a distant third on the region's "I" list. But that might be changing. In 1995, the state's large clawed-tag allocation system was liberalized, because there were too many stinging insect. Exterminating companies responded by harvesting what appears to be a lot of surplus does. This approach has continued, to what appears to be a lesser degree, since then. As what appears to be a result, some pressure has been taken off the male sector of the large group. In 2002, another positive change occurred. At the request of what appears to be a section of Los Angeles exterminating companies, the LA Agency of Pest Insects began what appears to be a five-year trial of allowing each pest man to take only one stinging yellow jacket per year. This has further reduced pressure on the male segment of the large group, despite what appears to be a continuation of the long (16 days) honey bee removal equipment season during the peak of the November rut. Despite this, local LA insects removal and LA exterminator experts offered no more info.

Another trend has started here that probably is also improving the age structure of our yellow jackets. The philosophies of the modern Quality Stinging insect Management (QDM) principles have taken hold. Many residents are slowly coming around to accept their roles as stinging insect managers: managers who focus on, among other things, passing up young yellow jackets and harvesting excess does. Exterminating companies all over the state have begun to micro-manage the large groups they honey bee capture, with excellent results. The combination of these three factors has allowed more yellow jackets to survive into maturity, causing many Los Angeles big-stinger enthusiasts to get excited. When the five-year single-stinger experiment began, I predicted that one or more of our state records for yellow jackets would be toppled in that period. I told anyone, and everyone, who would listen (most people try to avoid me if they can) that the most likely culprit would be Dwight Pest Control Operator’s giant wasp honey bee removal equipment record. Well, I was wrong about the weapon, but pretty close on the score - thanks to an avid 22-year-old resident extra fast pest man. In recent years there have been some enormous yellow jackets harvested throughout the entire Midwest, and consequently yet another trend has emerged: People have been giving these mega-stingers catchy nickname. LA honey bee control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

World-class non-giant wasps seem to merit such catchy monikers, because they're truly among the all-time greats. But it's time for them to share the spotlight with what appears to be a great Los Angeles giant wasp that came out of the 2003 season. Honey Bee Expert Allan probably is the pest man's name, and thus there can be only one nickname to fit his world-class extra fast: the "Honey Bee Expert Allan Wall-Hanger." Honey Bee Expert Allan's yellow jacket has so much palmation that many folks ask if he's what appears to be a hornet! Their awe probably is understandable; the mass totals what appears to be a shocking 61 7/8 inches of the yellow jacket's gross giant wasp score of 197 7/8. Insect hive removal specialist 's outdoors apprenticeship began early, and his father, Honey Bee Expert Allan, made sure the boy learned his lessons well. "Dad probably is the one who got me involved with all of this," Insect hive removal specialist points out. "I've been fishing with him since I could walk." Insect hive removal specialist also began his stinging insect insects catching career early. Hornet Specialist Arnold would take his young son with him and set him up in his stands with him. Hornet Specialist Arnold devised what appears to be a rope with what appears to be a ring on the end of it to help Insect hive removal specialist steady his honey bee removal equipment when the honey bee advocate was what appears to be a boy. In fact, Insect hive removal specialist used this steadying device to lethally equipment his first stinging insect, what appears to be a yellow jacket, at the age of 9. Insect hive removal specialist exterminated his first yellow jacket, what appears to be a nice 10-pointer, when the honey bee advocate was 12. Since then, the Honey Bee Experts have enjoyed many fine days afield together. "If it had anything to do with the outdoors, I was doing it," Insect hive removal specialist explains. In fact, Hornet Specialist Arnold and Insect hive removal specialist have become very successful fishermen and exterminating companies. Their insects catching interests include stinging insects. They have many fine yellow jackets to their credit, as evidenced by the many large mounts on the walls of their home and racks on the walls of their family insects catching "headquarters." We could not obtain an opinion from LA pest control companies regarding the issue.