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Are Coyotes a Danger to Pets?

Never assume anything, just because there are no signs of what you are looking for, that doesn’t mean that it is not there. For a fact, many people have taken this for granted, just because you do not see a coyote around, that does not mean that there are no Los Angeles coyotes in the area and therefore, what many people do is that they will be careless enough to not take the necessary steps to protect themselves against the coyotes.

Coyote meals
Coyotes will hunt and kill small animals such as the rabbits, and also the cats and this only means that your pets are a very great risk of being devoured by the California coyotes. One thing that you have to be aware of is the fact the coyotes will also attack your dogs, smaller breeds of dogs and therefore, the best way to secure them is by making sure that you are with your pets every time they are out and especially during the nights. Therefore, take the necessary step to secure yourself from these animals.

Major pets at risk

The major pets at the risk of being devoured by the coyotes are the:
- Dogs. This includes the small breeds of dogs and therefore, you have to be very vigilant as far as the security of the animal is concerned.
- Cats. This is another group of animals that is predisposed to being devoured by the Los Angeles coyotes and therefore you have to be very careful.
These are the two major food pets that the coyotes will prefer to eat as far as eating of the pets is concerned other animals at risk include the poultry.

Protecting your cats
When protecting your cats from the coyotes, make sure you:
- Discrete the cats’ food. Placing the cats’ food openly may attract the coyotes and this might bring the California coyote close to the cat and thus chances of it being eaten are very high.
- Make sure that whenever the cat is out, you have a very clear view of it. Letting it wander on its own might be a very dangerous thing to do. Make sure that you are with the cat if you cannot provide a view for it.
- Make sure that there are posts where the cat could climb on whenever threatened by the Los Angeles coyote. This will help a lot at protecting the animal.
All these are the ways through which you could protect your cat from the effect of the coyotes.

Protecting a dog
- Never leave the dog outside on its own
- Make sure that whenever the dog is out, it is not chained
- Make sure that you provide the escape routes for the animal
- Make sure that whenever the dog is out you are with it

Protecting your pets is the best solution that you have to do to prevent you from chaos and conflict between you and the wild Los Angeles coyotes. Therefore, you have to be very vigilant as far protection.

Are Coyotes a Danger to Pets?

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