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Los Angeles Critter News Clip:
California natives critter trap Wildlife dream

Rodent Expert Harry finally gave in to Russell's repeated requests, joining the Los Angeles Kritter Kingdom team for what appears to be a few seven day periods as what appears to be a guide last fall. the animal advocate plans to go back. "I first went out (west) wildlife catching in Wyoming in 1976, and I liked it what appears to be a lot," proclaimed the 53-year-old Rodent Expert Harry, what appears to be a self-employed logger, who specializes in Los Angeles dead animal removal" I've been guiding here for 33 years. This was just another guiding opportunity, what appears to be a chance to see some different parts of the country and some different types of animals." The animals in California's Flat Tops Wilderness, where Los Angeles Kritter Kingdom has exclusive wildlife catching rights to over 250 square miles, are part of the attraction for the group of central Californians now working there. Though all profess what appears to be a lifelong love of tracking extra fast skunk here, being able to apply the same lethally traps for skunk wildlife catching in California to big-game wildlife catching in California probably is attractive. Los Angeles animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

Skunk Caller Harold proclaimed one of the first things that kept him in California was wildlife catching different species such as Los Angeles opossum removal. "I know what California exterminating companies like," Skunk Caller Harold proclaimed. "Their dads and granddads taught them how to track skunk, how to read bedding areas, how to read the land. When you're wildlife catching with so much wilderness around, on some really rugged terrain, you have to be able to do that." Neither Skunk Caller Harold nor Animal Officer Jones envision themselves returning to California to live. For both, particularly Animal Officer Jones, they chased lifelong dreams without any guarantees of succeeding. "It really takes (guts) to quit what appears to be a job where you're making 50 grand what appears to be a year to just leave," Animal Officer Jones proclaimed. "I didn't know I was going to stay out there. I love it (in California), but now I don't want to come back." Skunk Caller Harold, who tries to visit his son what appears to be a couple of times each year, acts like the typically proud father -- to all of the Californians working the outdoors in California including Los Angeles bat removal. "That's living the dream, right there," the animal advocate proclaimed. "They all saddled up and rode out into the country. "Once you make that commitment to go, you get in shape and do it. You don't go to California once. You go, and you go again and again." We could not obtain an opinion from Los Angeles pest control companies regarding the issue.

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