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Charlotte Exterminating is operated by Trevor and employees. We run a professional, fully certified, licensed, and insured extermination company, servicing the greater south California and LA region. We control a wide variety of insect pests, from termites to fleas, flies and ants, mosquitoes and bed bugs, ticks, spiders, and more. We also solve conflicts between people and wild animals. We service residential and commercial properties, and offer monthly and quarterly service for insect control problems. We perform property inspections, and utilize the basic principles of urban integrated pest management (UIPM), including inspection, identification, recommendation, implementation, and evaluation. When it comes to the critters, we most commonly remove nuisance wildlife from homes and buildings. Whether it's squirrels in the attic or a skunk under the porch, we handle any wild animal problem. Give us a call any time, 24/7/365, and we will answer the phone, discuss your wildlife problem, give you a   
price estimate, and arrive at your property as soon as possible, usually same day. Our number is 310-421-2554. We consider ourselves the best of all Los Angeles extermination companies. We strive for the highest level of customer service.

We remove hives of stinging insects, such as honey bees, wasps, hornets, & yellow jackets.  We remove the whole hive and relocate colonies of honey bees, which are dwindling in number.  We make sure to seal the opening into the house, if you've had a hive of stinging insects inside the walls of the building. We safely and permanently solve bee problems and have the proper equipment and licensing for stinging insect projects. As with our wildlife control work, we strive for the best in customer care, we listen to your problem over the phone and give you a fair price quote, and arrive on time and do professional work.  Many Los Angeles pest control companies don't do stinging insect and bee removal, but we specialize in it.  

Los Angeles Pest Control Email:

Greetings! Have been finding this spider in our bedroom ~ we live just north of Hollywood in Orange County. I don't like to kill these creatures, but I want to know if it's a dangerous spider. I still have him in a jar since this morning. Would be happy to mail him to you if you collect them.

I have been cleaning closets and drawers and maybe I have disturbed a nest? Is there a prevention for spiders? Should I put a bug bomb in closet, drawers and under bed?

I have a few friends that have been bit by brown recluse and they still have big blue legs and scars and various problems since the bite.

Those were the only ones that looked like mine so now I'm very worried that it is the same kind of spider. I took from top side and under side, where I can see two yellow markings on under abdomen. I have other photos but these are the best.

I was looking at your 'brown widow' photos and I think you may have actually had a very young immature female black widow (apparently they start off brown with unusual markings and they become black with the signature orange-red hourglass at full maturity) that matured in your care. I'm not a spider expert or anything, I just found your site after I was on Wikipedia looking up black widows when I saw the fact about females going from brown to black during maturation.

I am curious to know what you did with the egg sack? Surely you didn't let it hatch in your house? The whole reason I was even looking up black widows is that some of my classmates and I got into a discussion about what would happen if you ate a black widow (assuming you weren't bitten in the process).