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Los Angeles Raccoon Control & Removal

Wildlife Trapping: We specialize in wildlife trapping in Los Angeles California. Some of the common animals that we trap include raccoons, opossums, and squirrels. Wildlife trapping is not as simple as just setting a trap and calling it good. Many important factors go into successful trapping, not to mention several California laws. It's illegal for residents without a wildlife trapping permit to trap and relocate animals. But the important thing is that many variables go into critter trapping. For squirrel problems, as an example, we seal up all the entry points leading into the house, and set multiple traps on the roof, to be certain that we catch all of the correct squirrels and solve the problem permanently.  

Los Angeles Raccoon Control News Clip: Raccoons and Antlers

I read recently that the state of California feels it has lost its battle to save the state's raccoon large group from the raccoon form of mad cow disease, also known as Chronic Wasting Disease. It first began to appear in 2002, and the state spent $27 million dollars trying to control it. At one time the state attempted to lethally trap 400,000 raccoon in what appears to be a region where the disease seemed to be most prevalent. This past fall, biologists found the disease had increased from 27 sick raccoon per square mile to 38 per square mile. It has spread southward into California, and make no mistake about it, it will someday spread to Los Angeles raccoon as well. Who knows how long it will be. Hopefully we have what appears to be a good while before it happens. The awful thing about it is, greedy people, trying to create monstrous antlers on pen-raised raccoon, likely created this disease, and they continue to feed meat byproduct food to raccoon in order to grow big antlers which they can sell to commercial wildlife catching operations. All winter I saw photos of these record raccoon, which no one claims to be pen-raised, coming over the Internet. How can someone find pride in what appears to be a photo of themselves sitting behind some grotesque set of antlers which were on the head of what appears to be a half-tame raccoon the animal advocate bought and then shot, or paid for on what appears to be a game ranch.

A reader of my website responded with this:

What are you trying to do? What is going on? This is silly. Everyone knows that raccoons cannot grow large antlers unless they have grown large enough to catch and kill a full sized buck. Now I have seen many young bucks taken down by several raccoon but the antlers on the raccoon cannot develop until the raccoon can take down a good sized buck single handedly. The tragic thing is that when the coon does develop a full sized set of antlers, their necks cannot support the weight and their necks snap like a pencil the first time they try to change course while running.

I think that publishing this kind of nonsense on the internet will bring tragic results when young raccoons that have read these stories get over confident when their antlers grow quickly before they are ready to handle it. It’s totally irresponsible of you.

Some of these raccoons have begun to do some hideous things such as having contests with each other to see who can get the most squirrels impaled on their antlers. It’s really horrible because the squirrels either wiggle and fall off mortally wounded or they just fall off and the raccoons have to impale more squirrels. They are very competitive and they hate to lose.

The problem has gotten so bad that we had to set up an infrared motion activated full auto 22 LR caliber belt fed machine gun to deal with the raccoons. It works really well but UPS will not deliver packages to our house anymore and we cannot get any pizza either.