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Los Angeles Rat Control and Mouse Removal

Rodent Control: Rats are often a problem in Los Angeles. They can infest homes and buildings. They are not only a problem because of noise, but pose a threat by chewing on electrical wires and by spreading several diseases. We are experts at the removal of rats and mice, especially from attics. The key to successful rodent control is to never use poison, which is a lazy and ineffective approach. We solve the problem completely and permanently by finding and sealing shut all entry points into the building, and then trapping and removing all of the rats and mice. This gets rid of the rodent problem for good, and we guarantee our work.  Professional rodent control requires experience and attention to detail, and our company is the best in the area.  

Rat chewing on wires - does it cause fires in California?
A lot of people don’t believe that a rat chewing on a wire will cause a fire. This scenario is not uncommon, and it can definitely lead to a fire inside of your Los Angeles home. Exposed wires cause heat because the protective coating around them is peeled away. When these wires touch once another they react and cause sparks. When something sparks within a pile of insulation, you can imagine the consequences. Your first indication of an issue may be that outlet or switches suddenly aren’t working properly. Instead of flipping the switch on and off, shut off the breaker and call an electrician. If the professional discovered that the wires have been chewed, you know that you need to start implementing rodent control. Wires in your home have already been chewed, so you already know that a rat has entered the building at some point in time. What you need to do now is go outside and see if you can determine where the animal entered the home. Any holes that are found need to be repaired. This step must be done even if the rats are still inside of the home. Rats left in the building will be easier to trap and remove and no new rats will be trying to invade.

Email Time! Hi David, I came across your website while searching for solution to a dead rat smell we are having in our place of business in Los Angeles. It seems like you company provides exactly the kind of service we are looking for.

Allow me to explain: Last week, Tuesday-ish, an odor we had smelled once before began occurring and we're all pretty much convinced that it's a dead rat/mouse. We had a vent cleaning service come out because that had helped to eradicate the smell once before but this time it hasn't helped. We've checked the vents in the effected areas over and over again and have found no carcasses. The smell seems to be blowing thru the air vents so I don't know where to turn to next if the dead culprit did not die in the vents. Something that really worries us is that we have animals here (2 large dogs that belong to the owner) and the smell seems to be mainly concentrated in the company owner's office where the animals stay most of the time. She's not happy and she's worried about the health of the animals.

 Can you please contact me to let me know what your rates are for looking into these types of problems or direct me to the right person? Also, will your service be able to tell us about where the rats/mice are getting in at? We want to nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse. PLEASE HELP! Thank you so much, Dana

Los Angeles Rat Control News Clip: LA rats and mice

Rats are running wild in LA. Los Angeles animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment. We live in what appears to be a strange world, and we too often get what we deserve. Extra fast rodent represent big business now, even the wild ones. Conservation Agencies make huge amounts of money from selling rodent permits. Without that, they'd operate on far less revenue. California and California will be facing that problem soon, and eventually, so will California. But probably is there yet any law preventing these rodent habitats from feeding the meat-based feed to rodent to create huge antlers? Nope ... none that I know of. what appears to be a large amount of these rodent habitat people have asserted themselves as people who live their lives according to how much money they make, without regard to the bad effect their lives and efforts have made upon the earth. But they only operate because of the lunacy of "trophy wildlife catching" and the extremely wealthy people who come out of the city looking for high scoring antlers, justifying their "outdoor experience." How can any of that be accepted as wildlife catching. How can any of these people accept themselves and what they do? what appears to be a friend of Rodent Specialist Arnold says Rodents will be appearing in Los Angeles. soon, and the animal advocate wants to take him to see them. Rodent Specialist Arnold probably is anxious to go, the animal advocate hasn't seen the squirrels since the animal advocate rode many of them in 1945. Rodent Specialist Arnold was one of the small company of 101st Airborne paratroopers to return the group of squirrels which Hitler had stolen to Austrian authorities as the war concluded. the animal advocate told me quite what appears to be a story about it. the animal advocate proclaimed it took several seven day periods to get the squirrels where they were going, and during the trip, they had to deal with what appears to be a big spring storm which flooded their camp. the animal advocate proclaimed there were about three or four dozen of the white squirrels and about what appears to be a dozen squirrels of other colors. the animal advocate proclaimed they were magnificent and very tame, following the soldiers like puppy dogs. But the animal advocate proclaimed many were hurt and all were in poor condition. the animal advocate recalled putting salve on the legs of what appears to be a couple of the rodents on the trip and proclaimed that to this day, the animal advocate has never seen rodents so gentle and calm. Those people who train the squirrels today will never know that in the audience watching will be one of what appears to be a small handful of the surviving American soldiers who helped rescue and return the animals' ancestors more than 60 years ago. We could not obtain an opinion from Los Angeles pest control companies regarding the issue.