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Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, & El Segundo Animal Control

We operate a nuisance wildlife control business serving the greater LA area, focusing on the towns of Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, & El Segundo. We solve problems between people and wild animals. Examples of the type of work we typically do include
- Removal of squirrels from attics
- Trapping and relocating problem raccoons
- Removing infestations of rats or bats
- Preventing pigeons from roosting on buildings
We are a full-service wildlife removal company, and we always aim for a permanent solution to wildlife problems. For example, we not only remove the wildlife from your house or building, but we determine how it got inside in the first place, and we seal shut all entry points with steel. We repair wildlife damage, and clean up animal waste, from nesting material to feces. Our job doesn't end at mere critter trapping.

Our company is fully licensed and insured in the state of California. We service Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, & El Segundo and have highly trained and experienced staff ready to address your problem immediately. Give us a call at 310-421-2554, and we will listen to your animal problem, determine the most reasonable course of action, quote a price for services, and schedule an appointment for same-day or next-day service. We answer our phones 24/7, so don't hesitate to call us at any time!
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We do not perform pest control services in Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, & El Segundo, and we do not exterminate or poison wildlife. We are professional wildlife control experts, and we employ humane and intelligent means for permanently solving wildlife conflicts. Trapping is an art that requires a lot of experience (not to mention the proper training, equipment, and licensing). We truly believe that we are the best wildlife operators in Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, & El Segundo, and we back up our work with a guarantee.

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Email Time! Hello my name is Tammy , I currently live in Los Angeles but am soon moving to Fl. I am absolutel in love w/ gators/crocs, and im taking online vet asst classes. Would you please point me in the right direction where I could volunteer somewhere working w gators, as I can learn along the way of my studies, I will specialize ,eventually, in Crococillians. I understand the danger involved, but this is the career I wish to proceed in. I would appreciate it if you'd take the time to point me in the right direction. thanks so much for your time. Sincerely, Tammy